Campaign Goal

To promote awareness of the Shale Crescent area along the Ohio River Valley to recruit manufacturers.

The Challenge

Reach influencers and decision-makers of where to locate manufacturing plants.

Inuvo Technology Solution

Inuvo’s IntentKey™ AI-driven prospecting technology targeted an extremely niche users of high energy intensive manufacturing industry company titles, including Chairmen/CEOs, Presidents, COOs, VPs of Corporate Real Estate, CFOs, VPs of Strategic Planning, VPs of Manufacturing, VPs of Human Resources, and site selection consultants to fuel upper funnel lead activity.

The Results

Two highly sought-after business prospects Shale Crescent USA had been pursuing for over two years responded to the campaign by submitting the contact us form, in addition to 75 other qualified leads, far surpassing the client’s expectations.

Want to learn more? Download the case study here.