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AI Transparency Commitment

Inuvo utilizes AI technology responsibly across our business.

As an advertising technology company utilizing artificial intelligence, Inuvo recognizes the importance of developing and implementing AI solutions responsibly. We are committed to ethical, unbiased, and transparent AI practices across our business. 

Our AI transparency commitment rests on three central pillars: 

Responsible Data Usage

Our artificial intelligence models process publicly available data and never store private user data.

Stringent accuracy filters can be used to suppress false, offensive, or misleading content. This can include human decisions to de-index concepts deemed inappropriate.  

Specialized team oversight validates information used to train models.

Explainable AI

We provide transparency into how our models operate via several mechanisms, including a client insights dashboard.  

Users are equipped with details on what concepts were considered and how they connect back to audiences.

Ongoing communication channels enable client feedback and collaboration.

Ethical Standards

Our models focus strictly on conceptual connections, not evaluative judgments.

We pledge to follow emerging regulations on responsible AI development.

Above all, we prioritize user privacy protections. 

Inuvo couples large-scale data with careful attention to accuracy, transparency, and ethics. This allows us to create value for clients while maintaining integrity. We build our AI solutions responsibly by ensuring they are truthful and explainable.

Please direct any questions or concerns regarding our approach to We welcome open communication around our AI transparency plan and practices.

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