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The Magic of AI

AI has revolutionized the way we approach countless tasks and processes. Even targeting.

How IntentKey Avoids Rising Programmatic CPMs

With the loss of cookies and increased competition, programmatic ad prices are substantially rising.

Making Media Buying Better with IntentKey Self-Serve Support

Introducing Inuvo's latest AI offering: IntentKey Models - Self-Serve Support

5 Key Questions When Evaluating AI Solutions

As AI transforms digital advertising, more targeting strategies now tout AI-driven solutions. But how do you know if technology truly delivers?

Unlocking the Potential of Netflix Advertising

Inuvo is uniquely positioned to help brands succeed on Netflix. 

The Future of Media Buying is Quality, Not Just Audiences 

At Inuvo, we realized long ago that quality inventory is the real key to media buying success.

The Power of Customizable AI for Marketing

The future of marketing lies in customizable AI.

Transforming Programmatic Buying with IntentKey’s Closed-Loop System

IntentKey fulfills programmatic's potential: Automation and Data = Relavancy and Efficiency.

Optimizing Performance & Budgets with IntentKey

IntentKey Performance Spend Analysis provides complete visibility into marketing performance to optimize across programmatic tactics.

How IntentKey Saves Clients Money in a Cookieless World

As we enter the new year, how to navigate a cookieless world should be priority.

The Rise of AI Marketing: 7 Predictions for 2024 

So how will AI transform marketing in 2024? We have 7 predictions.

The Crumbling Cookie

Digital marketers have needed cookies to track users online and deliver targeted advertising... Until now.

Cutting Through Programmatic Waste with IntentKey 

A recent ANA study found that 25% of programmatic ad spend is wasted. Inuvo’s advanced AI, IntentKey, offers a better path forward for brands seeking media efficiency. 

Bridging AI Ethics and Innovation

Inuvo's privacy-focused, AI-powered solution closely aligns with recent AI-based executive order goals. 

Google’s Latest Privacy Update is Another Major Blow to Cookies

Google has announced another update to its privacy-centric plans, further cementing the end of cookies and identity-based data.

Unlocking Customer Insights with the Audience Discovery Portal 2.0

Audience Discovery Portal 2.0 leverages our patented IntentKey artificial intelligence to provide instant audience insights to marketers.

Inuvo Targets Safari Users with Precision

Inuvo’s sophisticated AI technology can accurately target high-intent Safari users in the moment.

The Real-Time AI Advantage

While others may talk about the future potential, we are already delivering it to leading brands today. 

There’s No ‘Maybe’ About It: Embracing Intent-Based Advertising in a Post-Cookie World

Intent-based advertising is going to redefine the future of marketing in this cookieless world, but don’t worry…there’s a solution.

Key Benefits of IntentKey’s Web Crawler

Our crawler has crawled more than 110 BILLION pages and is adding roughly 1 million new pages every day.  

How Embracing AI Helps Bonfire Publishing’s Editorial Team Streamline Content Production

Incorporating AI tools into your workflow will save you time, money, and frustration.
Inuvo employees collaborating at the Summer Sales Summit

7 Tips for a Successful Sales Rally

Hosting a triumphant sales rally demands strategic planning, seamless communication, and a laser-sharp focus on revving up your sales force. 

Transitioning to Cookieless Advertising

Google's cookie timeline is set. Prepare for a privacy-first world with IntentKey.

Introducing The Audience Discovery Portal

An in-depth look at our state-of-the-art tool powered by our pioneering AI technology, IntentKey.

Portal Trend Snapshots

Read Our Latest Discoveries

Powered by IntentKey, Inuvo’s Audience Discovery Portal showcases concept-based audiences generated without using consumer data.

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