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School’s Out, Gaming’s In: Summer Fuels a Gaming Frenzy in Inuvo’s Audience Discovery Portal

Portal Trend Snapshot: Summer Fuels a Gaming Frenzy in Inuvo’s Audience Discovery Portal

Transitioning to Cookieless Advertising

Google's cookie timeline is set. Prepare for a privacy-first world with IntentKey.

Introducing The Audience Discovery Portal

An in-depth look at our state-of-the-art tool powered by our pioneering AI technology, IntentKey.

Exploring URL Vectorization to Understand User Intent for Online Advertising

WHITE PAPER: Sr. Data Scientist Dr. Melodie Du explores webpage content using machine learning through vectorization.

Introducing Media Mix Modeling

Our new AI technology will help you understand your most (and least) valuable channels. Without cookies. Even offline.

Creative is the New Targeting

In a world where ID based attribution is broken on platforms like Facebook, good creative can actually improve your targeting.
Google Performance Max

Google Performance Max: 5 Things to Know

Google pushes everyone to use PMax campaigns. Here are five things to know to use them correctly.

A Quick Guide to Cookies for 2023

Everything you ever wanted to know about cookies, but were afraid to ask.

The Definitive Glossary of Online Marketing Terms

Know your marketing terms and communicate better with your team.

How to Use Meta Advantage+ to Your Advantage

Make the most of Meta's Advantage+ with these tips and tricks.

CTV is an Essential Part of Your Marketing Mix

CTV is the fastest growing online marketing channel. It's a great opportunity to grow if you know the right way to do it.

Why First-Party Cookies May Fail

The ad industry looks to 1st party cookies as an attribution solution, but there are many reasons to doubt this can work.
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