Campaign Goal

Acquire new customers across the US and Canada that converted at a CPA equal to the average price of their subscription boxes, while meeting their ROAS goal.

The Challenge

Drive new subscribers for healthy snack boxes in a clutter of competition.

Inuvo Technology Solution

The IntentKey identified hidden diet preferences of in-market prospects.

The Results

The resulting model honed-in on more granular concepts of interest that included certain snack preferences around paleo, vegan, and ketogenic diets. Interestingly, the audience model captured concepts of interests beyond the obvious that were not related to food (luxury travel, couples retreat, memory training, parent education).

This resulted in beating the CPA goal by 18% to build a new customer base of recurring subscriptions that delivered an ROAS of 15:1.

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Project Stats

Met ROAS Goal of



Reduction in CPA