Increase loyalty program membership and email subscriptions


This wine brand asked Inuvo to help them boost their loyalty program membership and email subscribers. The wine brand wanted to promote perks for joining, such as:


  • Early news of wine releases
  • Discounted pricing
  • Loyalty points good for swag and gift cards


IntentKey discovered that those interested in the loyalty program were very engaged with wine media content, such as:


  • Rated Wines
  • Wine Details
  • CellarTracker
  • Soft Coolers


Inuvo used those interests to acquire new loyalty members. Furthermore, Inuvo competitively reached wine enthusiasts to gain greater market share for the brand.


The result was a successful loyalty program signup that doubled the number of existing loyalty members at half the CPA of other partners in the plan.

Key Results

Increased Loyalty Members by


Lowest CPA Among Partners by


Intent Signals

  • Browse Wines
  • Wine Details
  • Label Images
  • CellarTracker
  • Soft Coolers
  • Brand Recognition
  • Life Growing
  • Billiards