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Artificial Intelligence that replaces consumer data and modeling.

The Brain

Our brains are libraries, and the neurons are the books in that library. By investing $50 million and modeling the entire content of the internet, Inuvo has mapped the relationships and probabilities between 25 million of the most important intent signals known to humanity.

  • The IntentKey understands the trillions of affiliations between these intent signals
  • Allows the IntentKey to figure out WHY people are interested in things

The Modeling

Unlike conventional WHO-based data that is both structured and categorized, the IntentKey uses this intelligence to dynamically figure out WHY consumers are engaging with content, purchasing products & services, interested in brands, or have an affinity to things.

  • By eliminating conventional identity and 3rd-party structured data constructs, the IntentKey can effectively adapt to over 25 million different reasons behind WHY
  • This level of adaptability and segmentation has never been possible

Real-Time Prospecting

Not only does the AI adapt, but it does so every 5-minutes, every day, learning more and getting better with each refresh–and the only information it needs to do so is the content of the Internet. Like a human who uses experiences and knowledge to make connections and decisions, the IntentKey derives insights based on its ability to link signals together.

  • Conventional consumer data, with its structure, limited categories, and inability to adapt, is like a comparison between a horse and buggy vs. a Tesla for advertising

The Crawler

The IntentKey already understands and has profiled more than 95% of the websites where ads can be shown and actively updates that knowledge about WHY someone might be behind the screen at any given moment over 1 billion times daily.

  • This level of insight into WHY consumers do the things they do has never been available in quantifiable ways
  • It allow brands and agencies the ability to provide strategic insights that can impact product design, advertising creative, operational choices, and other client value-based services
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