Drive high-value purchases with a focus on new customers


With people flocking outdoors to enjoy more outside activities, the demand for bikes has seen a recent spike—so the brand wanted to focus on serious bikers willing to invest in high-end apparel.


The key driving forces behind apparel purchases:


  • Washable items for ease of use
  • Wicking cotton to stay cool and sweat-free
  • Comfort and durability


IntentKey identified the expected characteristics (heavily male-skewed, with an interest in bike rides, bike reviews, cycling stands, and athletic wear), as well as unexpected audience characteristics (males 65+ who were highly educated and have incomes of $150k+).


They were interested in foreign travel for races and experiences, such as biking through the Alps and Pyrenees mountains, and biking tours in New Zealand. They also closely follow bike races around the world.


This granular level of intent data allowed the client to hit their CPA goals, realize a 10:1 ROAS, and gain these impactful insights for future marketing.

Key Results


10:1 ROAS


CPA Goal

Intent Signals

  • Bike Reviews
  • Activewear
  • Wicking Cotton
  • Garmin
  • Finestre
  • Race World Championship
  • II Lombardia
  • Geraint Thomas
  • VeloNews