Campaign Goal

Access Safari and Firefox inventory in a cookie-free environment using the IntentKey™ technology for a luxury gym.

The Challenge

Safari and Firefox inventory combined represent close to 40% of traffic in the US., and the vast majority lives in a cookie-free environment—which hinders traditional ad tech solutions from targeting those impressions. The inventory pool is continuously shrinking day-by-day as the world is moving toward a cookieless future. By Inuvo’s estimates, only 35% of real-time ad impressions have a persistent ID that is actionable, and this will only continue to decrease.

Inuvo Technology Solution

Inuvo’s IntentKey™ Technology was utilized to accurately target relevant ad impressions in a cookie-free environment for a luxury gym client looking to increase their quality leads.

The Results

Our cookieless solution led to a 469% increase in organic searches and an 73% increase overall in leads for the luxury gym.

Want to learn more? Download the case study here.