User-centric Adtech vendors are currently delivering inferior performance to their clients by relying on antiquated user tracking, and that performance will continue to degrade over time as consumers become increasingly privacy sensitive.


Currently, 75% of web ad impression opportunities already either don't have a cookie ID and/or when they do have a cookie ID, that ID is no longer available the following day. This means user-centric Adtech companies are already desperately competing with one another to deliver ads to that limited fraction of trackable impressions on behalf of their clients.

These Adtech providers typically use privacy-intrusive user based graphing techniques wherein that user information is stitched together, behind the scenes, based on IP addresses as their primary mechanism for user tracking. Yet the increasing complexity of these user-tracking methods also means they have become increasingly ineffective at matching users with ad placement opportunities in the 7 milliseconds allotted to do so.

Moreover, consumers are themselves seeing through these alternative user-tracking methods, and as such, privacy-friendly solutions like VPNs that mask a user’s true IP address are seeing rapid year-over-year growth. This means performance of user-centric Adtech will naturally degrade every single day as each new consumer adopts these privacy-friendly solutions.


Inuvo does not require any outside third-party data, alternative user tracking methods like “user” graphs, or even cookie IDs to function. Instead, Inuvo’s patented IntentKey™ technology combines a proprietary AI-generated data set and web crawler in a manner that facilitates audience selection and targeting based on the limited information associated with each ad impression opportunity. This means Inuvo can model and target ad impressions in true real time and in the most privacy-friendly environments.


Inuvo is able to evaluate and match against 100% of open web ad impression opportunities, leading to virtually no waste and allowing Inuvo to reach unprecedented client performance compared to usercentric Adtech vendors.

Inuvo’s future-proof solution allows it to uniquely leverage completely cookie-free and privacy-strict environments like Safari and Firefox, which in turn has allowed us to exceed our client’s goals, at scale.

Inuvo can also ingest and leverage a client’s backend metrics into its data warehouse so as to bypass the need for persistent user tracking and to measure client performance even in cookie-free and privacystrict environments.