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Privacy First

We target WHY, not WHO

“This shift— the demise of third-party cookies and identifiers — will threaten the U.S. digital advertising industry and compel its transformation.” -McKinsey&Company

Privacy That Drives Performance

Inuvo’s patented IntentKey technology combines a proprietary, generative AI and web crawler for audience selection and targeting. Inuvo can model and target ad impressions in real time and in the most privacy-friendly environments.

Faster Updates

Models are updated every 5 minutes to reach audiences when interest is fresh rather than targeting stale data.

New Audiences

By crawling and analyzing the entire web, IntentKey discovers and targets niche audiences that advertisers may not have thought to target or had access to before.

Better Media Inventory

Inuvo can access 100% of open web ad impression opportunities, minimizing waste and achieving outstanding client performance compared to user-focused Adtech vendors.

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Our Privacy POV

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