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Q&A with Inuvo’s Eric Tilbury 

We sat down with our own Eric Tilbury, Inuvo’s Senior Director of Ad Operations and Solutions Engineering, to discuss how Inuvo is uniquely positioned to help brands succeed on Netflix. 

 Why is advertising on Netflix considered valuable but challenging for many brands? 


Eric: Netflix restricts third-party data and limits transparency into performance metrics the industry typically relies on. With no visibility into conversion rates or audience analytics, it’s incredibly difficult for advertisers to attribute their Netflix ad investment. However, the streaming platform does provide access to premium audiences in a brand-safe environment. 


You mentioned advertiser challenges measuring Netflix performance. How does Inuvo solve for this industry-wide blindspot? 


Eric: At Inuvo, our Performance Spend Analysis, powered by MMM methodology, provides true visibility into Netflix media performance without relying on user identification, which isn’t permitted on their platform. We attribute ad spend to both upper and lower funnel KPIs to assess Netflix’s impact on the entire consumer journey, from awareness to conversions. These always-on insights help justify their premium inventory. 


For brands interested in engaging the Netflix audience, what are the next steps? 


Eric: Netflix offers marketers something truly unique, and Inuvo helps them analyze results and optimize performance. We present an incredible opportunity for advertisers to engage premium audiences and demonstrate clear returns. Let’s connect to discuss how we can help you drive performance from Netflix campaigns. 


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