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As AI transforms digital advertising, more targeting strategies now tout AI-driven solutions. Decision-makers are bombarded with AI options without really knowing what each one does. So how do you know if technology truly delivers? When researching AI targeting strategies, ask these 5 vital questions – and see how our AI is different with IntentKey: 


“How is the AI model trained?” 

Traditional marketing practices rely on cookie-based, third-party data segments or walled garden data. In contrast, IntentKey trains its AI models on real, open web content. This captures authentic audience intent signals – not guessed or interpreted data. 


“What are the inputs and outputs?” 

Many solutions take limited inputs like basic demographics or first party data. IntentKey digests granular conceptual inputs derived from creatives, URLs, and content. It then outputs expanded groupings of related concepts with nuanced interests for reaching new audiences. 


“How does the AI engine make real-time decisions?” 

Most solutions use static, preset segments for targeting. Meanwhile, IntentKey updates conceptual models every 5 minutes, analyzing each ad bid request individually to serve real-time ads aligned with dynamic audience intent. 


“Does it segment user IDs?” 

Traditional targeting depends heavily on stitching together fragmented user segments. Uniquely, Inuvo eschews segments completely. All targeting relies entirely on real-time signals dictated by our AI modeling. This allows IntentKey to scale while being resilient to policy changes around ID tracking.


“How does cookie-free targeting work?” 

With many solutions still reliant on cookies, targeting and measurement suffer without them. However, by processing every bid request based on conceptual understanding, IntentKey maintains its accuracy in a cookie-free environment – providing massive scalability. 


Want AI That Truly Understands Your Customers? Choose Inuvo.  

By delving into these critical inquiries, marketers can better understand the full potential of AI in advertising and make informed decisions on the best solution for their needs. IntentKey captures authentic audience intent down to the micro-interest level. With concept-based AI models trained on the open web and updated every 5 minutes to enable real-time processing and cookieless understanding, IntentKey targeting is in a class of its own.


For AI that truly reflects how consumers think – choose Inuvo. 

This post was proudly created with assistance from AI tool. If you want to know which tool, just ask!

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