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Measure Performance of Netflix Ad Campaigns Across Programmatic Channels

Unlock Maximum Impact from Your Netflix Advertising
The Challenge

Netflix limits all third-party tracking

By limiting third-party tracking, Netflix poses significant challenges for advertisers aiming to analyze performance and attribute ad spend.


With no visibility into conversion rates, viewability, or audience analytics, justifying Netflix’s premium inventory becomes extremely difficult.

The Solution

Inuvo doesn't rely on any user identification

Inuvo’s integrated Performance Spend Analysis solves an industry-wide blindspot, empowering advertisers to optimize Netflix buys based on real outcomes. Our proprietary predictive AI uses machine learning to determine the optimal spend levels across campaigns and channels including Netflix inventory without relying on user identification.


Inuvo’s measurement capabilities are purposefully built to address channels like Netflix where traditional platform measurement no longer works by analyzing a brand’s investment on Netflix and predicting attribution along the entire funnel ranging from brand awareness to site visits and online sales.   

Access Hard-to-Target Cord Cutter Audiences

Inuvo provides out-of-the-box performance visibility into Netflix campaigns across devices and clearly connect returns back to their advertising investment.

Netflix Inventory

Access to premium programmatic Netflix ad inventory across devices.

Advanced Analytics

Inuvo solves the Netflix performance blindspot with our proprietary Performance Spend Analysis modeling and insights that connect ad spend to business impact without relying on user identification.

Strategic Optimization

Inuvo delivers strategic optimization to improve performance on Netflix. Our analytics inform impactful optimizations.

Full-Funnel Visibility

Our analytics provide clear visibility into Netflix's impact on KPIs across the entire consumer journey, from brand awareness lift down to site visits and online conversions.

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