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Unlocking the Power of ID-Free Targeting in Digital Advertising


Marketers often find themselves fixated on user IDs as the key to unlocking successful targeting and measurement. But this narrow focus may be causing advertisers to overlook a wealth of untapped opportunities. Simple targeting adjustments can have major impact – like embracing ID-free targeting as the game-changer your campaigns need.


The Experiment:

To illustrate the potential impact of ID-free targeting, let’s examine a live use case involving a line item with strict geographic targeting and a model-based decision-making process at the full URL level. By default, the line item was set to bid exclusively on auctions that included user IDs. Under these conditions, the line item delivered a maximum of roughly 25,000 impressions daily, with an 80% Chrome to 20% Safari ratio.


But what happens when we venture beyond the confines of user IDs?


The Revealing Results:

With a simple flick of a switch, the line item was adjusted to bid on auctions regardless of the presence of user IDs. The daily impression count skyrocketed to approximately 125,000, a staggering five-fold increase. Moreover, the browser ratio shifted dramatically, with Safari now accounting for 68% of impressions and Chrome for 32%.


These results underscore the immense potential of ID-free targeting. By expanding the targeting criteria, the line item gained access to a previously untapped audience, resulting in a significant boost in both scale and diversity of users reached.


The Untapped Potential:

The implications of this experiment are far-reaching. It becomes evident that a focus on user IDs can lead advertisers to overlook a substantial portion of their potential audience. By embracing ID-free targeting, advertisers can break free from the limitations imposed by user IDs and connect with a broader, more diverse user base. By bidding on auctions regardless of user ID presence, advertisers can expand their reach, connect with new users, and ultimately drive better campaign performance.


The Way Forward:

As the digital advertising landscape continues to evolve, advertisers have to adapt their strategies and mindset. Rather than fixating on solving the absence of user IDs, the focus should shift towards leveraging the power of ID-free targeting to reach the untapped audience that lies beyond.


By embracing this approach, advertisers can unlock new opportunities, connect with a wider range of users, and ultimately achieve greater success in their campaigns. The key lies in recognizing the potential of ID-free targeting and being willing to explore uncharted territories.


So, let us embrace the power of ID-free targeting, bid on auctions fearlessly, and watch as our campaigns soar to new heights. The future of digital advertising is bright, and the opportunities are endless for those willing to think outside the user ID box.

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