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Programmatic advertising has received widespread criticism in recent years – and for good reason. The waste and fraud associated with imprecise targeting, unsafe placements, and lack of transparency has rightly raised concerns.

However, the core promise of programmatic remains as valid as ever. Leveraging automation and data to connect audiences with relevant brands should unlock tremendous efficiency.

At Inuvo, IntentKey fulfills programmatic’s long-hyped potential. IntentKey reinvents programmatic media as a closed-loop system using artificial intelligence. Seamlessly integrating precise audience targeting, safe placements, and probabilistic optimization, IntentKey drives superior campaign performance without waste or opacity.


Uncovering Hidden Audiences

It all starts with our proprietary large language model analyzing content and language patterns across millions of webpages. The AI models reveal interests, intent, and emotional sentiment of audiences with accuracy.

Continuously training on the entire web, IntentKey uncovers early trends, niche topics, and high-value audiences that typical cookie-based targeting misses. IntentKey clients activate fresh audiences before competitors.


Predicting Outcomes with AI

But quality audiences alone don’t guarantee campaign success. IntentKey’s integrated Performance Spend Analysis integrates programmatic data to quantify the value of campaigns across the customer journey. Harnessing AI-powered media mix modeling, the Performance Spend Analysis provides complete visibility into marketing performance to optimize across programmatic tactics.


Closed-Loop Optimization

Here’s where IntentKey uniquely changes the game. Our managed services team enables campaign optimization based on these predicted outcomes. The Performance Spend Analysis is integrated into the IntentKey Insights Dashboard, allowing a transparent, cohesive view into funnel journeys, model insights, and tactic performance.

IntentKey’s closed-loop system ensures campaigns operate in their optimal state, answering why, what, & how client audiences engage.

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