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IntentKey’s custom audience models powered by AI are typically activated via our Managed Services plan. But did you know you can also self-serve IntentKey Models by integrating them into your DSP of choice using a PMP and Deal ID? This allows you to leverage IntentKey’s powerful models without needing to work directly with the Inuvo team. 


So what makes IntentKey custom models so special? For starters, they are built using AI that analyzes concepts across web content in real-time. This means the models are always up-to-date, identifying the most relevant audiences minute-by-minute. And because these models don’t rely on cookies or third-party data, they provide access to audiences that would be difficult or impossible to reach otherwise. 


By integrating an IntentKey custom model into your preferred DSP, you get access to these high-quality, cookie-free audiences in a self-serve fashion. The Deal ID allows seamless activation within your existing buying platform. And because IntentKey’s models are dynamic, updating frequently based on the latest content people are engaging with, your audiences stay fresh over time. 


Whether you want to ensure your ads reach users in privacy-first environments, or simply make your media buys more efficient, IntentKey’s self-serve custom models check all the boxes. The AI-powered audience targeting refreshes continuously, outperforming traditional models built on stale third-party data. And by using a Deal ID, getting your campaigns up and running is as easy as activating any other inventory source. 


In an increasingly challenging digital landscape, staying ahead requires embracing innovative solutions. Self-serve access to IntentKey Custom Models lets you target cookie-free audiences at scale, making your media buying better one campaign at a time. 

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