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With the loss of third-party cookies and increased competition, programmatic ad prices are substantially rising. CPMs for cookieless ad inventory that were once extremely inexpensive have rapidly increased by over 40% year-over-year. 


However, at Inuvo and with our IntentKey AI technology, our approach to digital advertising means we do not face the same pressures. IntentKey’s AI build audience models and understands intent signals. We do not rely on any first-party or increasingly restricted third-party cookie data. And with our focus on connecting audiences demonstrating high purchase intent rather than just reach, our media buys remain efficient and performance driven. 


Unlike other solutions that are restricted to opted-in user data, IntentKey opens up the entire cookieless environment for targeting. By not being bound to first-party data or cookies, IntentKey can access and optimize across the full scope of cookieless inventory and audiences. Leveraging AI decision-making avoids the limitations of targeting only consented user pools. This comprehensive reach, combined with our AI precision in identifying high-value users and placements, makes IntentKey an unparalleled solution for cookieless targeting.  


While other options struggle with restricted inventory, IntentKey can tap into the complete cookieless ecosystem to drive superior campaign performance. Our approach has delivered gains over incumbent media of up to 67%, highlighting the advantages of maximizing access and intelligence for cookieless targeting. 


Our connections to both audiences and quality inventory provide stability even amidst the current advertising ecosystem changes impacting many other players. 


While rising programmatic CPMs pose difficulties for many brands and platforms, Inuvo’s IntentKey represents the alternative, future-proof solution. One focused on leveraging AI-powered custom models understanding intent and high-value audiences – an approach avoiding disruption from third-party cookie loss and ensuring continued advertising ROI.  


IntentKey stands ready to excel even as the digital marketing landscape transforms around us. 


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