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The future of marketing lies in customizable AI. Our proprietary IntentKey solution represents the AI-powered approach to audience modeling and targeting, enabling brands to move beyond the limits of traditional structured data.


As featured in our recent press release, IntentKey is our large language model (LLM) built specifically for generating and reaching audiences for advertising. It allows clients to create unique models tailored to their specific marketing strategies and goals.


How does it work? IntentKey trains on the entire open web and can ingest client creatives, URLs, and conceptual descriptions of their target audience. Our AI then analyzes these inputs to produce a custom audience model optimized for that client’s needs. The resulting model is instantly actionable and identifies high-value audiences across the web.


The key advantage of this approach is flexibility. IntentKey breaks free of predefined segments and generic consumer data that force brands into one-size-fits-all strategies. Instead, the AI continuously adapts models based on real-time performance, identifying audiences that resonate with each client’s messaging at any moment.


In an increasingly privacy-focused landscape, IntentKey also enables precision marketing without relying on cookies or intrusive user data. This capability is especially crucial as Apple, Google, and others accelerate the transition away from cookies.


At Inuvo, we believe customizable AI will catalyze the next era of audience discovery, targeting, and optimization. While chatbots like ChatGPT showcase the creative potential of large language models, our focus is on purpose-built AI for modeling audiences. With IntentKey, no two client models are alike, delivering true customization at scale.


Contact us today to learn more about building custom IntentKey models for your business!

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