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At Inuvo, we recognized one of the biggest gaps in programmatic advertising was the inability to accurately measure marketing performance across platforms. Disparate systems and fragmented data meant brands couldn’t connect spending to outcomes – leading to guesswork, not growth.


To overcome these issues, we engineered IntentKey’s Performance Spend Analysis – integrating programmatic data to quantify the value of campaigns across the customer journey. Harnessing AI-powered media mix modeling, the Performance Spend Analysis provides complete visibility into marketing performance to optimize across programmatic tactics.


Limitations of Cookie-Based Attribution


Before explaining the breakthrough IntentKey enables, it’s useful to explore the pitfalls of current attribution models. Most programmatic analysis relies on cookie-based attribution tied to conversions on your website. At best this captures only partial customer journeys, as buying often happens offline or across devices.


More critically, this data is now mostly defunct in our post-cookie world. Even where available, cookies generate biases as they disproportionately track early-funnel upper-funnel activity vs final conversions.


Marketers can no longer gauge where budgets are truly best invested.


Probability – The Future of Attribution


IntentKey tackles the attribution problem through a reinvented approach with probabilistic attribution. The foundation is understanding customer journeys as complex webs of interrelated events across time and platforms. No conversion happens in isolation.


Our Performance Spend Analysis is integrated into the IntentKey Insights Dashboard, tracking predictive models across levels of business. Compared to fragmented legacy metrics, IntentKey provides visibility into the outcomes being driven across the funnel.


Rather than waiting months for specific touchpoints, probabilistic models recognize emerging winners to rapidly reallocate budgets to the highest performing tactic based on predicted impact. The result? Iterate instantly rather than getting stuck for quarters.

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