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The impending deprecation of third-party cookies is causing massive upheaval in the digital advertising landscape. With cookies going away, advertisers are scrambling to find new ways to effectively target and track conversions from valuable audiences. Many fear costs could rise and performance could suffer without cookies. 


However, IntentKey’s AI-powered solutions is poised to thrive even as cookies meet their demise. IntentKey saves clients significant money in three key ways: 


No Extra Data Fees 

IntentKey does all modeling and targeting internally without relying on third-party data. As a result, there are no extra data fees or costs to buy external audience segments. This saves budgets previously allocated to cookies and data. 


Better Performance in Cookie-Free Environments 

By leveraging advanced modeling techniques, IntentKey can recognize high-value audiences even in cookieless environments. And because other advertisers can’t target these audiences without cookies, IntentKey faces less competition driving down costs. Early testing reveals cookie-free inventory already performs better for IntentKey. 


Attribution without Cookies 

To optimize programmatic buying, IntentKey utilizes its own proprietary performance spend analysis rather than last-click attribution reliant on cookies. This advanced attribution provides superior visibility into the true performance of various programmatic tactics and channels, enabling IntentKey to allocate budgets to top-performing initiatives. 


While a future without cookies causes uncertainty for many advertisers, IntentKey is built to navigate this landscape. By avoiding extra data fees, enhancing performance in cookieless environments, and implementing advanced attribution, IntentKey saves clients real money even as the advertising ecosystem evolves.  

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