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Apple’s Safari browser presents a major targeting challenge for many digital advertisers. With Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) feature blocking third-party cookies by default and other user-privacy-centric measures by Apple, it’s difficult to identify and track users across sites. This makes retargeting and attribution nearly impossible on Safari.


However, Inuvo’s sophisticated AI technology can accurately target high-intent Safari users in the moment.


How? Using advanced AI and natural language processing, Inuvo builds detailed audience models in real-time by crawling billions of data points across the open web. This allows Inuvo to identify patterns of interest and intent without relying on cookies or third-party data.


Once Inuvo detects audience intent – such as shopping, researching, or considering a purchase – we can serve a relevant ad instantly on Safari. And because Inuvo refreshes models every 5 minutes, we can detect when a user shifts modes and adjust targeting accordingly.


IntentKey’s level of precision and speed is a valuable differentiator, especially in a cookie-free environment like Safari. Most solutions rely on stagnant URL lists or contextual signals that lack real-time optimization. But Inuvo’s AI-powered approach allows them to find and engage high-value Safari audiences at scale.


Inuvo activates Safari users through high-intent URLs. The platform automatically includes cookie-free users in auctions when targeting those URLs. To measure performance, Inuvo leverages proprietary Programmatic Performance Spend Analysis. This built-in tool evaluates the incremental value generated by various targeting strategies, including cookie-free used on Safari. It provides validation for all programmatic spend channels, without relying on cookies.


Key points:

  • Real-time AI models built from crawling the entire open web. This allows Inuvo to detect users’ intent without using cookies or third-party data. The models are constantly updated to reflect changes in interest and behavior.
  • 5-minute audience refresh rate. Inuvo can identify when users change “intent modes” multiple times per day and adjust targeting very quickly. This level of granularity is difficult for other solutions to match.
  • Activation via high-intent URLs. Inuvo can include cookie-free tactics when targeting specific URLs where our AI has seen strong signals of intent. Our platform has functionality to automatically enable this.
  • Integrated Performance Spend Analysis. This proprietary tool allows Inuvo to quantify the incremental value of various targeting approaches, including Safari’s cookie-free campaigns. We can validate performance even without cookie tracking.
  • Speed and scale of AI-processing. Inuvo analyzes huge volumes of data in real-time to model audiences and optimize campaigns. The technical infrastructure allows rapid analysis and pattern recognition.
  • No reliance on third-party data. Since Inuvo builds models straight from web activity, we avoid issues related to data access changes like those impacting Safari.
  • Experienced programmatic optimization. Inuvo’s team understands how to fine-tune campaigns specifically for Safari to maximize reach and performance. This expertise is very valuable for such a unique environment.

In a cookieless world, the ability to understand intent, adjust quickly, and quantify impact is invaluable. Inuvo is leader in this emerging space.

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