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The advertising landscape is shifting as AI capabilities evolve from historical data to real-time data processing. As an established leader in real-time AI advertising, IntentKey is purpose-built to capitalize on this revolution happening right now. While others may talk about the future potential, we are already delivering it to leading brands today. 


Our pioneering real-time architecture analyzes live impression-level data, recognizing high-intent audiences the instant they emerge based on real-time content consumption and conceptual relevance. Our AI models identify audiences’ up-to-the-moment interests and intent, aligning campaigns dynamically within seconds. This enables revolutionary time-to-target and precision. 


We achieve this through speed — model updates every 5 minute refreshes — and audience discovery — accurately finding niche audiences you never knew existed.


Access to the full firehose of ad impression events fuels our real-time AI engine at impression-level scale and granularity. Competitors reliant on historical data in walled gardens cannot match our real-time visibility across the open web. 


Forward-thinking brands choose IntentKey to discover audiences at the optimal moment, when they are demonstrably in-market for products and services. Our real-time AI precisely aligns messaging with an audience’s immediate mindset and interest when they are most receptive. The results speak for themselves. Inuvo outperforms incumbent media on average by 67%.  


Real-time AI advertising is not just the future – it is the present for brands who partner with Inuvo and our exclusive IntentKey advantages. Our proven architecture was built specifically for a real-time world, enabling brands to capitalize on micro-moments of audience intent. The next wave of intelligent advertising is already here, and we are leading the charge. 

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