Superior Performance with IntentKey

Inuvo’s IntentKey is a patented, machine-learning technology designed to mirror the manner in which the human brain instantly associates ideas, emotions, places, people, and objects. It creates an accurate, high-definition picture of consumer intent and sentiment related to a particular topic or item. Inuvo harnesses the power of the IntentKey to discover and reach high volumes of incremental in-market and relevant audiences that are hidden from typical marketing approaches. The IntentKey enables pinpoint media execution reaching consumers throughout the purchasing funnel all the way to conversion.

Unique and Patented AI Technology

When we read a sentence containing the word Galaxy, the additional and related words in the article help us determine if we are reading about a solar system, a soccer team, or a cell phone. As we grow and develop, our brains naturally develop associations between words helping us comprehend the content and develop related concepts. IntentKey AI works in a similar manner. Trained by billions of web page interactions the IntentKey learned and established over 25 million different concepts creating 100's of millions of intent driven profiles. By uncovering hidden associations between concepts, Inuvo can uncover incremental high performing in-market and relevant audiences that would be hidden without the IntentKey prospecting engine, expanding the purchasing/consideration funnel.

The scale and accuracy of the IntentKey empowers Inuvo clients to discover new and untapped audiences, driving incremental growth and profits.

Putting the IntentKey to Work for You

The IntentKey enables pinpoint media execution reaching consumers throughout the marketing funnel. Reach the right audience for brand awareness while also reaching audiences further down the conversion path. IntentKey reaches audiences engaged across all major media channels including TV, mobile apps, audio, and display. IntentKey managed media solutions deliver exceptional client service and provide incredible audience insights and analysis during and post campaign execution.

Reach Your Audiences Where They Consume Content

The IntentKey’s scale and cross media capabilities allow you to expand audiences beyond the walled gardens, efficiently reaching and engaging a specific audience.

Device Types Creative Formats Diverse Supply
Desktop Banner 60+ Exchanges
Mobile Rich Media (HTML5) i.e. Hulu (TV)
Tablet Video i.e. Spotify (Audio)
CTVs/Smart TVs Audio i.e. Unity (Mobile App)
Game Consoles Native

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Our experienced campaign teams provide full-service execution, management, reporting and post program analytics ensuring campaigns reach a desired audience and deliver optimal results.

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