Discover new, high-value donors for one-time and sustainable long-term support


To combat the summer donation slump, the organization asked Inuvo to find purely new, high-value donors for one-time and sustainable long-term and recurring support.


IntentKey® found the intent triggers that indicated a highly engaged, robust in-market audience made up of largely mature, Caucasian females with higher-than-average household incomes of $150k+ and with children/grandchildren.


To ensure ad spend was focused on the objective, the following campaign tactics were employed:


  • Suppressing previous site visitors & past audiences
  • Adjusting frequencies based on action
  • Focusing on audiences with a propensity to donate


The results of this short summer campaign:


  • Nearly 3,000 one-time donors
  • More than 200 sustainable donors
  • ROAS of greater than 2.75
  • CPA goal beat by 79%

Key Results

Beat CPA Goal by


Reached New Donors of

High Value

Intent Signals

  • Government Corruption
  • Psalms of The Bible
  • Ideals for Lessons
  • Water Crisis
  • Nigeria News
  • World Health Organization
  • Property Damage
  • Bible Study
  • Disney Magic Kingdom