Drive direct buyers of travel packages (airfare, hotel, car rentals, and activities) offered by the airline


A major airline wanted to encourage travelers to book directly with them for travel packages that included airfare, hotel, rental cars, and activities.


Inuvo focused on the target audience of females age 45+ with kids, a household income of $50k, and college educated.


They layered on the contextual categories of travel supplies and accessories, hotel accommodations, adventure travel, and car rentals.


The IntentKey technology was then used to refine the targeting to the even more precise concepts of


  • Vacations in Vegas
  • Vegas Strip
  • Vegas For Travelers
  • Travel Tools
  • Domestic Airline Tickets


The audience was also expanded through lookalikes.


This approach enabled Inuvo to beat the CPA goal by 50%, which led the airline expand the partnership to include additional campaigns ranging from performance to branding.

Key Results

Exceeded CPA by


Expanded Partnership for 

More Campaigns

Intent Signals

  • Vacations in Vegas
  • Vegas for Travelers
  • Travel Tools
  • Domestic Airline Tickets
  • Travel Supplies and Accessories
  • Hotel & Accommodations
  • Adventure Travel
  • Car Rentals
  • Bundle Flight and Hotel
  • Vacation Packages