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October Portal Trend Snapshot

Here’s the latest buzz.

Taylor who? Football personalities dominate

If the subject of ‘sports’ was in competition with the rest of the trending topics this week, it would be absolutely dominating – driving touchdown after touchdown through the internet turf. For personalities, Alabama coach Nick Saban is at the top of the scoreboard, up 248%. Saban’s followed closely by Travis Kelce, who’s risen by 226%. And it appears Kelce is currently more popular than his (rumored) pop star paramour, but more of her in a moment.


Speculation over Michigan State’s next move

Michigan State Spartans football has risen by a gigantic margin – up 776%, though that shift is likely explained by allegations against former head coach Mel Tucker making headlines. Michigan State University is also up 274%. Mel’s name doesn’t appear in the chart, however – so there’s every chance people are more interested in what the actual institution plans to do next – especially as our trends point more to the future than the past.


The Bowls are already on the table

It’s been a really big week for bowls, and not the kind you put cereal in. Even though they’re months off, the Fiesta Bowl is up 213%, the Rose Bowl game is up 176%, the Orange Bowl 114%, and the Bowl Championship series is up 74%. That’s probably because the Rose Bowl, the Orange Bowl, and the Fiesta Bowl are all part of the College Football Playoff, whose predecessor was the Bowl Championship series.

It’s now a different format for the competition, but people are still searching the old term. So, if you’re choosing terms about the event when it happens, it might help to throw in ‘Bowl Championship series’ for some of that sweet SEO. No sweetness for the Sugar Bowl, however, even though that’s also part of the playoffs.


Well, Taylor is still top of mind

As we alluded to earlier, Taylor Swift made a surprise drop in the chart this week — she’s down 15%. But this is no reflection of her overall popularity, so don’t worry Swifties, it just means that she hit a previous unusual peak (Jets game, anyone?), so is falling to normal levels. And she’s still number one in our eyes. There’s better news for Dolly Parton followers, she’s up 34% – and she may have had some help from Taylor, with Parton recently revealing she’s a Swiftie herself.


Christmas in October? 

It’s been a big October for Amazon, thanks to ‘Prime Big Deal Days,’ the online retailer’s sales event on October 10-11. The deals may have been exclusive to members, but it looks like a wider audience grew curious about the goodies on offer – ‘Amazon Prime’ rose by 198%, ‘Amazon (company)’ rose 215%, and ‘online shopping’ rose by 125%. It’s probably worth keeping an eye on our ‘Family Events & Holidays’ nodes, to try to guess where your Christmas gift came from this year – right now the holiday is outpacing Halloween and Thanksgiving.

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