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September Portal Trend Snapshot

Here’s the latest buzz.

Buying Habits

The kids are back at school, Halloween is around the corner, but Christmas is already on audiences’ minds, with ‘Christmas and holiday season’ rising by 356%. ‘Christmas lights’ is up by 641%, ‘Saint Nicholas’ is up by 215.2%, and interest in ‘packaging and labeling’ is up by 75%.

The holiday season arrives earlier every year – in 2023, it’s starting in September for audiences. And there’s a chance your present will come from the Dollar Tree this year – that’s up by 783.2%.



Barbie may have won the box office battle with Oppenheimer, but in the clash between supporting men, Oppenheimer might have the edge. Interest in Oppenheimer’s Albert Einstein has dropped by -40%, but Barbie’s Ryan Gosling has fallen further, by -76.2%. Margot Robbie’s holding her own, though – she’s only dropped by -33%.



It’s the fall tennis season, and the trending topics reflect that, with the WTA Tour up 452%. The WTA is the Women’s Tennis Association, and the trend is connected to the women’s US Open, which is currently happening. The Davis Cup starts next week, and it’s up by 274%.

And the interest in these current events has had a ripples effect on next year’s major tennis competitions. Wimbledon is up 213%, the French open has risen by 202%, and the Australian Open is up 198%.

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