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November Portal Trend Snapshot

Here’s the latest buzz.

Oscar season comes early 

The Oscars take place in March, but audiences are already curious about the event, with ‘Academy Awards’ up 46% in volume growth. Meanwhile, the search term ‘list of actors with three or more Academy Award nominations in acting…’ is up an astonishing 1173%! Sometimes, anonymous gossip sites will include clues such as ‘this three-time Oscar nominated actor was angry on a plane this week’ or whatever, which could explain this giant leap – or maybe there’s just been a lot of sneaky googling during quiz nights recently.

‘80s actors

It’s been a big month for stars of the 1980s. First, “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” sequel, “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire,” dropped its first trailer, leading to a flurry of audience engagement with the original film’s star, who appeared in a post-credit cameo in “Afterlife.” Sadly, Sigourney Weaver, up 1191%, will not guest-star in the new movie – though if the producers had access to our figures, perhaps they’d find time to shoot another cameo.

Meanwhile, Kevin Bacon is also trending, up 1197% – albeit with a major twist. It isn’t actually the “Footloose” star but a missing pig sharing his name, who spent two weeks trotter-loose in its local area, before the original Kevin Bacon made a public plea for the creature’s safe return, and the porker made it home. It must have been six degrees from home.

‘80s movies

No jump for Tom Cruise this month, but two of his movies have risen in popularity.

“Risky Business,” up 1178%, and “Top Gun,” up 844%. Of course, “Top Gun” recently had a legacy sequel in the form of “Top Gun: Maverick,” so perhaps producers should pay attention to these trends, and start negotiating with The Cruiser for a “Risky Business: Goodsen,” featuring Tom’s character Joel Goodsen in his 60s, still sliding around in sunglasses and underwear. We’d watch it!

‘80s singers

The recent announcement that Bon Jovi could be about to reunite has hit big in the trends, with both the band (up 999%) and the singer Jon Bon Jovi (up 1202%) rising. Meanwhile, the 40th anniversary of Cyndi Lauper’s “She’s So Unusual” album has seen the singer rise in the charts (up 1195%). And there’s been movement for another ‘80s musical icon – with Debbie Harry’s recent performance at Marc Jacobs’s SoHo Store opening seeing the singer rise by 1184%.

Something’s Gotta Give anniversary 

Not to be outdone by Kevin Bacon and Sigourney Weaver, former co-stars Jack Nicholson, up 1173%, and Diane Keaton, up 1194%, who both rose to fame  in the 1970s, are also rising in the engagement charts. That’s because we’ve hit the 20 year anniversary of the release of rom-com “Something’s Gotta Give,” and director Nancy Meyers has been popping up on podcasts this month, spilling the tea on the couple’s chemistry. Nicholson probably got a little extra search juice due to the fact he announced in November that he’d rather ‘sit under a tree and read a book than return to acting’ – wouldn’t we all!

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