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At Inuvo, we recognize the significant complexities and inefficiencies plaguing today’s programmatic advertising ecosystem, resulting in high fees, fraud loss, and wasted budgets as highlighted in the recent ANA report. The study found that 25% of programmatic ad spend is wasted. Inuvo’s advanced AI, IntentKey, offers a better path forward for brands seeking media efficiency. 


IntentKey leverages probabilistic modeling powered by a large language learning model to understand consumer intent and determine optimal ad placement while simultaneously filtering out fraudulent or non-viewable inventory. IntentKey’s precision targeting cuts cost and drives performance. 


Most DSPs aggregate ad inventory from disjointed sources across a complex supply chain. This introduces multiple intermediaries charging technical fees to transact the media buy/sell process. However, IntentKey buys across the open exchange and deal inventory, ensuring delivery of high impact inventory across deal-based and open web, utilizing predictive modeling for maximum scale and efficiency. By consolidating supply rather than having to consolidate demand, IntentKey’s approach cuts out the many layers in the traditional programmatic workflow passing fees back and forth without adding extra value. 


And rather than broad publisher inclusion lists with wasted spend and fees across irrelevant or underperforming domains, IntentKey employs dynamic optimization driven by concepts. Budget follows engagement, automatically shifting to placements powered by concepts driving performance for each campaign. 


Finally, instead of vanity metrics, we utilize data performance modeling to gauge true impact against KPIs so that our optimization inherently maximizes ROAS. This prevents issues stemming from inflating clicks or actions which may have little to no revenue impact. 


Taken together, IntentKey’s combination of predictive targeting to quality, consolidated supply chain, dynamic budget allocation, and value-based optimization intrinsically cuts through the categories of media waste called out by the ANA report: fraud, hidden tech fees, and sites with impressions but no real influence driving KPIs. In an ecosystem with little transparency, IntentKey is committed to advanced visibility to brands struggling with programmatic buying.  

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