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President Biden recently signed an executive order outlining principles to guide the development and use of artificial intelligence technologies. As a company utilizing AI to power privacy-focused online advertising, Inuvo welcomes this executive order and our approach closely aligns with the administration’s AI goals. 


A core tenet of the executive order is ensuring AI systems are developed and used in a manner that protects privacy and civil liberties. Inuvo has always made privacy protection paramount in the AI models we create for identifying online audiences for our advertising partners. We do not collect or rely on personal information to target ads. Rather, our AI systems analyze anonymous online content consumption signals (such as web browsing activities) to understand consumer interests and intent. This allows serving relevant ads to audiences without compromising their personal information or right to privacy. 


The order calls for AI systems to be trustworthy, avoiding unfair bias and discrimination. Our approach focuses on building models to provide insights into actions and audiences, not opinions. We aim to understand what content is about and its relevance to the model, not make judgments. Our identityless, concept-driven approach minimizes bias by eliminating personal data and focusing solely on signals matching the model. While the underlying technology is complex, explainability drives our model development process. Our AI targeting solutions remain transparent and understandable. We explain what signals were considered and how they connect back to audience attributes, providing the details necessary for trust. 


The executive order aligns with principles Inuvo has followed since our founding. We believe AI can be used to responsibly connect people with relevant products and services online, while respecting privacy and promoting fairness. Under this administration, we look forward to continuing our privacy-focused approach to using AI for digital advertising and marketing. 


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