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Transitioning to Cookieless Advertising: Prepare for a Privacy-First World with IntentKey


Google’s announcement yesterday that it will begin disabling cookies in Chrome in 2024 marks the beginning of a new era for many companies who rely on online advertising. But, in reality, much of the change that many have been anticipating for years has already happened; the industry just hasn’t realized it. For more than a decade, cookies and other user-based identifiers have been central to the targeting mechanisms for almost all online advertisers. Due to increased privacy scrutiny and ID deprecation by Apple and Google, companies need to act right now to stop relying on cookies and IDs for targeting.

While this could seem like a scary process, the truth is – thanks to AI – this transition represents the most liberating development in marketing in 25 years. We have been preparing our solutions for this moment for years and we are excited about how companies can thrive in the new, cookieless era.

75% of Impressions Already Don’t Have Cookies: Many marketers do not realize just how many display impressions already lack identifiers. Because they only bid where they have profile information, they just can’t see how much they are missing.. IntentKey delivers AI based audiences/targeting that harnesses the immense power of real-time actionable insights to deliver cookieless campaigns at scale that perform. Because of this, we can bid on a universe of impressions that’s 3x* larger, and we can do so at lower cost, because there are fewer bidders. IntentKey empowers you to navigate the digital landscape with unmatched precision, effectiveness, and efficiency.

We Didn’t Wait for Google: Our proven leadership will successfully equip you for the cookieless era. Inuvo foresaw this trend and invested $50 million in AI-based, cookieless solutions to future-proof your advertising strategies. Most recently, we launched our Audience Discovery Portal that showcases concept-based audiences generated without consumer data. IntentKey utilizes generative AI to discover and action audiences, providing immediate and actionable insights without compromising user privacy. 

Embracing the Privacy-First Era: The shifting landscape of consumer preferences is undeniable. While Google’s announcement marks a turning point, it’s important to recognize that consumers have already taken steps to protect their privacy. We know that browsers like Safari, Firefox, and Edge have implemented measures to enhance user privacy. The rapid growth of VPN usage and the increased adoption of privacy-oriented technologies highlight consumers’ active pursuit of privacy-friendly solutions. As industry giants like Apple and now Google solidify the cookieless shift, the significance of tracking IDs and attribution technologies diminishes. We stand at the forefront of this privacy revolution, offering powerful alternatives that cater to the evolving needs of businesses and individuals alike.

IntentKey empowers businesses to thrive in a cookieless advertising landscape while respecting user privacy. By leveraging AI-driven insights, Inuvo helps you make the transition seamlessly, without relying on cookies or compromising targeting capabilities. Prepare your business for a privacy-first world and let Inuvo guide you through the cookieless era. What are you waiting for?

*Results based on all Inuvo IntentKey campaigns executed over the past 12 months

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