Target Hawaii vacation travelers and generate high-value attraction ticket sales


A family tourist attraction in Hawaii wanted to draw visitors to the island and encourage them to purchase experience packages. The goal was generating awareness and ticket sales of higher-value packages in the $200+ range.


Inuvo began the campaign by targeting obvious content categories around travel, water sports, outdoor adventure, theme parks and entertainment attractions, and by using family-friendly creative and suppressing Hawaii residents. As the IntentKey technology refined the targeting, specific
interests that were pre-triggers for Hawaii travel surfaced:


  • Hawaiian fish
  • Tour groups
  • National parks in the area
  • Rentals


Insights emerged that most converters were on-island visitors, not pre-trip planners and there were top performing geographies that included major cities across Canada and remote areas in the US.


The results were an ROAS of nearly 3:1. The client noted that Inuvo was their top performing digital media partner for high-value ticket sales.

Key Results


3:1 ROAS

Best High-Value

Ticket Sales

Intent Signals

  • Tapa Pool
  • Snorkeling at Hanuama Bay
  • Kayaking Tours
  • Dolphin Adventures
  • Botanical Garden
  • Walking Trails
  • Cave Exploring
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Waikiki Resort
  • Airline Miles