Attract manufacturing plants to the Ohio River Valley area

Shale Crescent USA’s mission was to encourage business growth along the Ohio River Valley by attracting high- energy, intensive manufacturing plants.


The nonprofit organization’s goal was to reach the influencer and decision makers of these manufacturers—and Inuvo quickly determined Shale Crescent was instead attracting interest from job seekers.


IntentKey® was utilized to analyze users who downloaded an Executive Summary of the cost-saving benefits of locating in the area.


These executives were found to also be interested in:


  • Energy
  • Chemicals
  • Construction
  • Real Estate
  • Politics Surrounding Corporations


Even more notably, these users were already reading about the Shale Crescent economic development initiative and the alternative to hurricane-prone Gulf-coast areas.


Two highly sought-after business prospects Shale Crescent USA had been pursuing for over two years responded to the campaign, as well as 75 other qualified leads, far surpassing the client’s expectations.

Intent Signals

  • Crude Oil Features
  • About Natural Gas
  • Fossils
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Enact a Carbon Tax
  • Commercial Acreage
  • Management Resources
  • Power Generation
  • Army Corp of Engineers

Key Results

More Than

75 Qualified Leads

Received Highly Sought-After Responses from

2 Business Prospects