Grow market share in the money transfer market among a niche audience

This money transfer service had specific goals they wanted to achieve from their media campaign:


  • Drive awareness and reach new customers among first- and second-generation immigrants
  • Drive more money transfers using their service
  • Beat the CPA goal


Audiences were initially built around finance and banking. As IntentKey® learned, it refined the audience models to more granular concepts of immigration law and foreign travel.


The top-performing audience of mature African American and Hispanic males were:


  • Highly educated
  • With an income of more than $100k
  • Concentrated in areas with high immigrant populations


Using these findings, Inuvo was able to discover and reach immigrants, their descendants, and new users at scale.


The campaign was so efficient that the client beat their CPA goal by 97% and money transfers generated from the campaign exceeded the goal by 15X.

Intent Signals

  • Digital Gift Cards
  • Deposit Bonus
  • Financial News
  • Being a Foreigner
  • Financial Stress
  • Lending Tree
  • Charitable
  • Dedicated to Helping
  • Correos

Key Results

Crushed CPA Goal by



15x Money Transfers