Build brand awareness with consumers and contractors, while driving traffic to a new store.


A national home improvement retailer was opening a new store in the Northeast and partnered with Inuvo for digital solutions to build brand awareness with both consumers and contractors, as well as drive traffic to the new store.


The IntentKey technology was able to expose an unknown trend where local audiences were demonstrating an interest in stores that were 60, 90 and even up to a 120-mile radius, to find needed home renovation materials.


This audience intent was manifested because IntentKey was able to associate the general home renovation concepts with the unexpected concepts “out of stock” and “low inventory levels”.


The campaign was adjusted to expand the audience geographically resulting in traffic to the new store. The client was also able to use the knowledge to expand targeting for other stores to capture a larger in-market audiences willing to travel for items they had in stock.

Key Results


Traffic to New Store

Expanded Identification of

In-Market Audience

Intent Signals

  • Renovation
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Vanities
  • Travertine
  • Color Palette
  • Out of Stock
  • Low Inventory Levels
  • Sharon Risedorph