Increase auto sales for the regional dealers’ association by producing a higher volume of leads at better cost


The campaign objective was to drive quality leads to regional automotive dealerships.


To accomplish this goal, the campaign was targeted to reach auto enthusiasts and those who were in-market to make a purchase. Using the IntentKey technology, Inuvo was able to reach incremental users who were not visiting the endemic auto sites.


The campaign was able to apply all the following techniques to drive leads to the regional dealerships:



  • Precision Contextual Targeting
  • User-Based Targeting
  • Geo-Level
  • At Scale



As a result, over a period of 16 months, the number of leads increased by 93% while the CPL decreased by 77%. The success of the original test campaign led to expanding the solution from one small region with 10 markets to over three regions with 60 markets.

Key Results

Increased Leads by


Decreased CPL by


Intent Signals

  • Auto Option Packages
  • Car Leasing
  • Pricing Type
  • Used Car Purchase
  • Buying From a Dealer
  • Consumer Reviews
  • Auto Insurance
  • Auto Safety
  • Auto Buying and Selling
  • Auto Maintenance & Service