Convert potential cord cutters into free trial sign-ups

With countless streaming services to choose from, this media-streaming provider wanted to drive potential cord cutters to their site and encourage web sign-ups & free trials.


Aside from the obvious interest in TV and movies, IntentKey® was also able to identify a variety of additional entertainment interests for the key audience, such as:


  • Performing Arts
  • Comics + Comedy
  • History and Anthropology


The campaign drove new user traffic to the site, generating a total of 4,600 free trial sign-ups while also beating the client’s CPA goal by 50%.


The client requested Inuvo add retargeting midway through the campaign—and in just 45 days the tactic generated 1,119 free trial signups and overperformed on the CPA goal by 55%.


Inuvo was given the greenlight for additional campaigns, focusing on specific show launches.

Intent Signals

  • How to Watch TV
  • Stream Weekly Episodes
  • Show Exclusives
  • Online Multimedia
  • Reviews on YouTube
  • Free Trial Account
  • Upcoming Sci-Fi Movie
  • Two-Part Documentary

Key Results

Beat CPA Goal by

More than 50%

Received Total of

5,719 Trial Sign-Ups