Reach people while they are in the career exploration and decision phase of life after high school


The campaign objective was to drive brand awareness of the Maryland Army National Guard with students age 17-24, while being sensitive to rules about targeting children under 18.


Inuvo’s IntentKey targeting was utilized to reach students while they were exploring their next steps in life. Top performing concepts for this campaign were:



  • Army National Guard
  • National Guard Recruiter
  • Life After High School
  • Exploring College Options
  • Pay For College
  • Graduate Program


By targeting contextually relevant content based on these interests the right audience was found. By expanding to a lookalike audience, the ideal prospects were reached when they were consuming other content as well. This approach was essential within a geographically constrained market.


The CTR campaign goals were exceeded by 30% on desktop and by 70% on mobile. The success of the campaign led to the expansion to two additional markets: Virginia National Guard and Delaware National Guard.

Key Results

Exceeded Mobile CTR Goal by


Exceeded Desktop CTR Goal by


Intent Signals

  • Army National Guard Benefits
  • Army Guard Requirements
  • National Guard Recruiter
  • Life After High School
  • Jobs That Pay for College
  • Graduate Program
  • Best Trade Schools
  • Paying for College with Military
  • Scholarships for Vocational School
  • Jobs Without College Degrees