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LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Jan. 23, 2020 — Inuvo, Inc. (NYSE American: INUV), a leading provider of marketing technology, powered by IntentKey™ artificial intelligence that serves brands and agencies, today issued IntentKey updates in light of recently announced changes to browser functionality that could impact the future of online marketing over the next 24 months.

“Browser developers are struggling to balance how to provide enhanced consumer privacy without damaging the content providers and advertisers that fund and/or contribute to the online experience,” commented Richard Howe, Inuvo CEO. “At Inuvo, we advocate for responsible marketing and the anonymization of consumer information. These are principles our technologies have always been designed to meet. The browser changes announced last week do not appear to require any significant adaptation of our core technologies nor corporate strategy.”

Why the IntentKey works?

The patents behind the artificial intelligence (AI) technology of the IntentKey are rooted in the ability, both contextually and linguistically, to understand the written word in a similar manner to the way the AI assistance technologies used in mobile phones and home devices derive meaning from the spoken word. If you ask your phone “What is Yoga?”, it is likely to respond with something along the lines that Yoga is a group of physical, meditative and spiritual practices or disciplines that originated in India. This is a very broad answer, in part because the advantage of the spoken word is the ability to engage in a manner that narrows down the possibilities. We can, if we do not like the response, be more specific about what we are asking, “Assistant, please tell me more about yoga poses”, which then ultimately leads, iteratively, to a better response from the assistant.

The objective of AI based technologies is to become as good as the human brain is at discerning the unknown. For a machine, Yoga by itself has many possible contexts and as a result, is difficult to understand absent some qualifier like meditation or spirituality or India. Yoga in the context of posing, for example, would greatly narrow down the intent possibilities and ultimately yield a better consumer experience from the assistant. The question then becomes, in the absence of a qualifier like “posing”, how does a machine decide what the user really wants when they simply ask for Yoga?

Inuvo does not believe marketing should be any different. By definition the objective is to find a match between a product or service and a consumer need or intent. The difference is consumers do not engage with websites or apps in the same manner they engage with these home or phone assistants and as a result, the technologies developed to match marketer to website and consumer to website are forced to have to do the best job they can to predict the intent of the consumer, using the information and technology available to do so. This is fundamentally what the IntentKey AI was designed to do. At its core it is a map of probabilities between concepts. It knows that the probability that a consumer’s intent associated with a Yoga website is 75% likely to be about Yoga poses, even if Yoga posing is not explicitly discussed within the content. It would equally know that Yoga and India have only a 9.5% probability and it would equally know the probability associations of the other thousands of possible Yoga connections. Now consider that the IntentKey knows these same associations for every important concept in the English lexicon. This fundamentally is the patented technology that underpins the IntentKey.

Inuvo’s IntentKey lead, Amir Bakhshaie, added, “The IntentKey has been designed to work without individual profiles. Rather, the technology is designed to reach relevant audiences based both on its advanced and unstructured contextual understanding of content and how audiences behave in aggregate by leveraging Inuvo’s proprietary contextual data. Consumer anonymity is already incorporated into the IntentKey design and as such we believe we are in a good position to thrive if and when the industry moves away from the ability to target individuals.”

Inuvo’s IntentKey™ fuels a broad range of media services that deliver optimal performance from capitalizing on audiences’ early signs of in-market interests.

About Inuvo
Inuvo®, Inc. (NYSE American: INUV) is a market leader in artificial intelligence, aligning and delivering consumer-oriented product & brand messaging strategies online based on powerful, anonymous and proprietary consumer intent data for agencies, advertisers and partners. To learn more, visit

About the IntentKey™
Inuvo®’s IntentKey™ is a patented, machine-learning technology designed to mirror the manner in which the human brain instantly associates ideas, emotions, places, people, and objects. It creates an accurate, high-definition picture of consumer intent and sentiment related to a particular topic or item. Inuvo harnesses the power of the IntentKey™ to discover and reach high volumes of incremental in-market and relevant audiences that are hidden from typical marketing approaches. The IntentKey™ enables pinpoint media execution reaching consumers throughout the purchasing funnel all the way to conversion.

Safe Harbor / Forward-Looking Statements
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