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LITTLE ROCK, Ark., May 07, 2020 — Inuvo, Inc. (NYSE American: INUV), a leading provider of marketing technology, powered by artificial intelligence that serves brands and agencies, today shares the power of the IntentKey’s signal processing capabilities in this challenging Covid-19 environment for marketers.

Inuvo’s IntentKey clients and prospects are currently searching for a solution that can help them better understand and adapt to the impact of Covid-19 on their businesses. The Intentkey AI is designed to facilitate such goals, as it can both analyze and associate concepts within and as a part of a media campaigns strategy, looking at both converting and non-converting audiences.

In one such travel and entertainment related campaign, the Intentkey was clearly able to identify high indexing, Covid-19 related concepts within the non-converting audience, thus confirming that these Covid-19 signals were of immediate concern as a part of the purchase decision. This same non-converting audience also indexed high for “deal and offer” related concepts which indicated to the IntentKey that while this non-converting audience was exploring the possibility of a good deal, they were only doing it within the context of Covid-19 and as such had no immediate intention to purchase.

The IntentKey was equally able to discern from activity associated with the converting audience, that unlike the non-converting audience, these purchasers were almost entirely devoid of association with pandemic-related concepts. This suggested a strong association with the brand and a general optimism about the country’s ability to navigate the economic and health risks associated with Covid-19.

The IntentKey is an automated, intelligent system capable of dynamically adapting to the changing signals occurring within audiences. In this particular campaign, the IntentKey counterintuitively knew to suppress audiences within the campaign who might have appeared to be in-market for deals but were highly unlikely to convert, but only because the Intentkey was able to perceptively associate these traditional buying signals with concepts related to the current environment. This is intelligent, automated and adaptive marketing.

About the IntentKeyTM
Inuvo®’s IntentKeyTM is a patented, machine-learning technology designed to mirror the manner in which the human brain instantly associates ideas, emotions, places, people, and objects. It creates an accurate, high-definition picture of consumer intent and sentiment related to a particular topic or item. Inuvo harnesses the power of the IntentKeyTM to discover and reach high volumes of incremental in-market and relevant audiences that are hidden from typical marketing approaches. The IntentKeyTM enables pinpoint media execution reaching consumers throughout the purchasing funnel all the way to conversion.

About Inuvo
Inuvo®, Inc. (NYSE American: INUV) is a market leader in artificial intelligence, aligning and delivering consumer-oriented product & brand messaging strategies online based on powerful, anonymous and proprietary consumer intent data for agencies, advertisers and partners. To learn more, visit

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