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January Portal Trend Snapshot

Here’s the latest buzz.

Golden Globe Awards


The organizers of the Golden Globes (up 120%) should be feeling pretty triumphant around now – there’s been plenty of online chatter around the event, with nominated stars like Margot Robbie (up 204%), Robert Downey Jr (up 148%), Emma Stone (up 214%), Billie Eilish (up 145%), Christopher Nolan (up 315%), Selena Gomez (up 103%), Martin Scorsese (up 79%) and Greta Gerwig (up 153%) all rising. And if you think those were all big leaps, just wait until the Oscars!


January blues


It’s January, people are back in the office, and they already can’t wait to get away. ‘Vacation’ has risen an astonishing 2,507% this week and it’s possible people have a destination in mind – with searches for the United Arab Emirates up by 1,077%. And what are people trying to escape? Some clues: winter storm warning was up 437%, gale warning was up 401%, and solar flare was up 739%. Phew! We need a holiday after seeing that!


A football giant moves on


The Discovery Portal made a key advance prediction this week, with Bill Belichick trending the day before news broke that he was leaving the Patriots after 24 seasons, and six Super Bowl titles. In other football news, people are gearing up for this weekend’s action – ‘NFL Playoffs’ is up 156%.




Speaking of travel, one of the most talked-about  stories this week was the Alaska Airlines flight from Oregon that lost one of its doors mid-air and had to make an emergency landing. Traffic around the Boeing 737 Max was up by 408%, and Alaska Airlines was up 469%.


People have also been searching for the Pacific Ocean (up 195%), possibly because of news of a giant wave – the most extreme rogue wave on record – that landed this month, or because of the massive superstructure that’s recently been discovered underwater, or maybe because people are just daydreaming of a nice swim on their holidays.



Looks like people are finding another solution to beating the January blues – ‘stand-up comedy’ is up 90%, ‘parody’ is up 701%, and the new Mean Girls musical is up 38% – here’s to laughing more in 2024!

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