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User behavior is shifting to CTV faster than ads can keep up. It offers great value and a lot of volume. Reach out, and we can discuss strategy with you.

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Submit your information here to be contacted by an Inuvo representative.


We’ll review your needs and run a performance audit to get more data on how we can help.


We’ll provide a game plan to move forward based on your needs and our audit. We’ll help you grow.


Our AI will automatically get better at optimizing over time, and we’ll provide you with valuable customer insights you can use across your business.

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Frequently asked questions

What devices can you target?

CTV works in a lot of places. Here are some examples of where we can buy.

  1. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ all offer CTV ads as part of their content. These ads are typically shorter in length and more targeted to the viewer based on their viewing habits.
  2. Gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation also offer CTV ads as part of their gaming experiences. These ads can be interactive and provide a unique way for advertisers to engage with players.
  3. Live TV streaming services, such as Sling TV and YouTube TV also offer CTV ads as part of their live TV programming. These ads are similar to traditional TV ads, but are delivered through an internet-connected device rather than through a cable or satellite connection.

Do I need TV commercials?

We definitely need video creatives in order to execute campaigns, but one great thing about CTV is that it’s easier to experiment. Consumers are very comfortable with UGC (User Generated Content) style ads, and since CTV is more trackable than linear TV, we recommend testing more ads with more niche messaging rather than one or two more highly-produced ads, if budget is a barrier.

Can you target households?

Yes! We can target households. We target using a third-party vendor to enable household targeting.

What creatives do you need?

A list of our creative specs is here.

How fast is near-real-time?

Our IntentKey models update every five minutes. It takes some time for those models to propagate to various CTV platforms, but generally we can buy within 1-2 hours based on real-time intent for CTV. Most other platforms are 1-24 hours behind us because they do not update as frequently or as quickly.

Can you target iOS users?

We can! We don’t rely on cookies for targeting. Instead, IntentKey infers intent based on our content and conversion algorithms. So we can detect intent from an iOS user and show a CTV ad to that same household very quickly.

Is this privacy-compliant?

Other companies are still reliant on cookies or working towards 1st party data collaboratives that we think may violate the spirit (if not the letter) of new privacy and device regulations. We do not rely on cookies, unique device IDs, or any intrusive fingerprinting methods. We target in a way that anticipates future privacy rules, not just present ones.

Can you measure results?

We can measure results directly from the data we get back from the various platforms, and we can also measure overall performance using our Media Mix Modeling technology. Media Mix Modeling allows us to understand the real impact of ALL of your media activities by analyzing the fluctuations of spend and engagement over time. We keep ourselves honest to make sure that we aren’t overspending on any channel, and we can help ensure that even your offline marketing activities are allocated appropriately.

How does pricing work?

We work with all clients to establish KPIs and performance goals before we get started. We then put together a plan to hit those goals. Our pricing is based on hitting every advertiser’s specific KPI goals. That’s why we have a 92% renewal rate.

If you’d like to schedule an assessment to talk about your goals, hit us up.

Want a CTV Assessment?

User behavior is shifting to CTV faster than ads can keep up. It offers great value and a lot of volume. Reach out, and we can discuss strategy with you.

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