As the world ramps up to travel and explore again, Casino visits are trending upwards in the same direction. According to the American Gaming Association, revenue numbers are breaking records!

That’s great news for the casino industry.

Make sure you’re gaining the market share of those customers with Inuvo’s digital advertising solution.

Commercial Gaming is Off to the Fastest Start Ever in 2022 – Industry Builds Upon Record-Breaking 2021 May 11, 2022 – American Gaming Association
“As I said when we chose the Inuvo IntentKey platform, we are ‘future proofing’ our marketing efforts by being one of the first in our industry to use this advanced advertising technology. Inuvo’s AI provides audience insights that are not available through conventional data providers, and it can adapt to those audiences continuously as their intent changes in real-time, while not being dependent on third-party cookies or data.”

Carlton Saffa

CMO – Saracen Casino

Two-Part feature article on Inuvo’s IntentKey™ digital advertising technology:

October 2021

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Inuvo’s IntentKey Artificial Intelligence will help casino marketing leaders build out world-class advertising for:


Branding & Trial

Utilize Inuvo’s IntentKey to allocate your branding dollars with Inuvo’s IntentKey solution more efficiently. Our AI technology identifies user intent signals indicating an interest in exploring gaming opportunities. By placing your casino’s message in front of those users who are open and receptive to your messaging, you can generate higher brand awareness and trial with the right audiences.


Reach New Audiences

Our IntentKey can leverage these insights to find new, incremental patrons by understanding your most engaged audiences. In addition, these targeting capabilities can be implemented cross-channel to reach audiences not usually available via traditional marketing channels, including CTV, audio streaming, and native. These channels will allow you to reach cord-cutter audiences not available on linear TV.


Marketing Insights

Traditional marketing efforts have historically focused on understanding the who: who is your audience, and what are their demographics? Inuvo’s IntentKey takes a different approach. Instead, we look to understand the WHY behind their actions: Why are they interested in your casino? Why did they visit your website? Why did they sign up for your loyalty program? Our Intentkey AI will analyze the intent signals that uncover your WHY. Our casino clients have discovered many unexpected trends using our Intent key AI solution. One such discovery revealed that those who came to the reservation page at one casino’s signature steakhouse were actually interested in high-end vegetarian options. They leveraged these insights to pivot their marketing strategy and expand their vegetarian options, bringing more visitors to the casino by increasing reservations at their steakhouse. This is just one example of the many actionable insights the IntentKey provides that enable casino operators to make informed decisions based on real data, not human intuition.


Build Loyalty Programs

Building a loyal customer base is at the core of every successful casino business model, and Inuvo is here to help. Our IntentKey AI solution will prioritize your casino’s most important marketing initiatives to help promote your exclusive benefits and select club programs. The IntentKey will help maximize trial, trip frequency, long-term retention, gaming worth, and total revenue yield.

Don’t leave your marketing to chance.

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