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Privacy First: Disrupting an Industry

We Baked the Cookieless Future

“This shift— the demise of third-party cookies and identifiers — will threaten the U.S. digital advertising industry and compel its transformation.” -McKinsey&Company

The Current Privacy Climate

Consumers are demanding increased privacy

Governments are implementing privacy regulations at a global scale

Audiences are becoming difficult to reach with traditional consumer tracking data

AI that enables targeting the WHY not the WHO is the only way forward

Advertisers believe...


It is only a matter of time before cookies & IDs come to an end


Cookies & IDs represent a threat to user privacy


Tracking technology negatively impacts brand reputations

Source: MediaPost

If you rely on cookies, you're missing out on most users.

75% of web ad opportunities lack a cookie ID, and even when they do have one, it’s often gone the next day. This forces user-focused Adtech firms to fiercely compete for a small portion of traceable ad impressions for their clients.

Cookieless identity solutions are ineffective.

Adtech providers usually employ privacy-invasive methods to connect user data, mainly relying on IP addresses for tracking. However, as these tracking techniques have become more complex, they’ve also become less efficient in quickly matching users with ad placements within the limited 7-millisecond timeframe.

Consumers have taken privacy into their own hands

Additionally, consumers are becoming aware of these alternative user-tracking methods. Consequently, privacy-friendly solutions like VPNs, which hide a user’s real IP address, are growing rapidly year after year. This implies that the effectiveness of user-focused Adtech will decline with each new user adopting these privacy-friendly solutions.

Inuvo’s AI Solution

Reduces cookie reliance through rich, AI-generated insights

Enhances audience discovery to increase conversions and reduce ad spend

Utilizes a large language model instead of relying on individual user profiles

Privacy compliant without sacrificing performance

Inuvo can target 100% of ad impressions

Inuvo can access 100% of open web ad impression opportunities, minimizing waste and achieving outstanding client performance compared to user-focused Adtech vendors.

Even on iOS and Firefox


We can help you free yourself from the cookie

Inuvo can ingest and leverage a client’s backend metrics into its data warehouse, eliminating the need for continuous user tracking. This allows it to assess client performance, even in environments with no cookies and strict privacy measures.

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