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Make every advertising dollar count. Let Inuvo help you optimize your efforts.

Multimedia Solutions

An Orchestra of Channels

Manage an increasingly complex media landscape with AI.

A 21st-Century Technology and Media Services Company

Privacy-Ready Solution

Privacy Ready Solution

The ability to use and target consumers based on their personal data is ending. Inuvo has a solution designed for this future.

Proprietary Technology

Proprietary Technology

First-of-its-kind AI technology that models & targets audiences based on the reasons WHY behind their intent.

Media Services

Media Services

Reaching & optimizing audiences across channels within Search, Social, Native, Display, OLV, Audio, CTV, & LTV.

Audience Reporting

Audience Reporting

Interactive GUI that allows clients to understand the reasons WHY consumers are interested in the product, service, or brand.

Performance Reporting

Performance Reporting

Daily multi-channel reporting of spend and ROAS customizable to client specifications with supporting client database.

SEO and Content

SEO and Content

Website content, keyword structure, standards, rank, tag optimization, 3rd-party reviews, conversion optimization and more.

Real-Time Data

Consumers make decisions quickly but our competitors update data daily.

Real-Time Decisions

We identify the right impressions to buy in real time to maximize performance.

Optimized Performance

We understand all of your marketing efforts to optimize where you spend. We can even measure attribution of offline events with our advanced Media Mix Modeling.

Let us be your digital media conductor

We can make all your marketing work together better. Let’s talk.

Automated Imports

We automatically ingest all marketing spend and performance data across platforms.

Data Hygiene

We develop custom logic to clean and sanitize each data source as we ingest it for accuracy and data management.

Custom Dashboards

We build and provide real-time dashboards to continually monitor cross-channel performance.

Continuous Optimization

We optimize both individual campaign performance and the overall mix using our AI Media Mix Modeling.

Our Process:


Submit your information here to be contacted by an Inuvo representative.


We’ll review your needs and run a performance audit to get more data on how we can help.


We’ll provide a game plan to move forward based on your needs and our audit. We’ll help you grow.


Our AI will automatically get better at optimizing over time, and we’ll provide you with valuable customer insights you can use across your business.

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