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Privacy Ready Solution

The ability to use and target consumers based on their personal data is ending. Inuvo has a solution designed for this future.

Proprietary Technology

First-of-its-kind AI technology that models & targets audiences based on the reasons WHY behind their intent.

Media Services

Reaching & optimizing audiences across channels within Social, Search, Display, CTV, OLV, LTV & Native.

Audience Reporting

Interactive GUI that allows clients to understand the reasons WHY consumers are interested in the product, service or brand.

Peformance Reporting

Daily multi-channel reporting of spend and ROAS customizable to client specifications with supporting client database.

SEO Services

Website content, keyword, structure, standards, rank, Meta/H1 Tags, links, 3rd party reviews, conversion optimization.

Symphony of Data:

A Look Behind the Curtain

Our proprietary AI generates data every five minutes to produce fresh data and insights. We identify consumer intent without requiring their identity or data and only target to the reasons WHY consumers show interest in your brand, service, or product.

Inuvo’s proprietary AI generates data every five minutes

Inuvo’s AI makes decisions in real-time, identifying WHY consumers show interest in your brand, service, or product

Inuvo powers your creative strategy through optimized targeted channel performance

Inuvo's Proprietary AI

Multichannel Marketing

Display Online Video CTV Audio Social Native Linear TV CTV-Broadcasters CTV-Devices
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