The IntentKey™ team serves clients across channels that include CTV/OTT, Video, Streaming Audio, Display, Native, Social, Search, DOOH, LTV, and YouTube. Every campaign we run is custom for each client and built from the ground up to deliver optimal results. We know advertisers need various levels of support, so we’ve outlined our easy onboarding process for getting started!

1. Campaign Overview / Discovery

Two weeks prior to campaign launch.

  • Identify campaign goals, KPIs, budget, and media channels
  • Inuvo will submit a formal proposal
  • Credit approval

2. Campaign Setup

One to Two Weeks Prior to Campaign Launch

  • Execute IO process
  • Develop model(s) that continuously optimize

3. Kick Off Call

Two Days Prior to Campaign Launch

  • Review campaign details
  • Establish reporting and insight cadence
  • Receive creative from client

4. Campaign Management

Duration of campaign

  • Inuvo team runs and optimizes campaign
  • Inuvo provides performance reporting on desired cadence

5. Post Campaign

  • Inuvo provides curated insights report that outlines WHY behind your customers’ interests

6. Campaign Renewal

  • Inuvo forms long lasting partnerships with all our clients with an 83% renewal rate across all of our campaigns