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Media Mix Modeling by IntentKey

Cookieless, Probabilistic Attribution

Use our AI to predict the optimal mix of media for any given budget, across channels, without using consumer tracking IDs.

How It Works:

Step 1: We connect to your marketing data (Google, Display, Linear TV, sales, leads, etc.)

Step 2: Our AI-powered model analyzed day-to-day variations in costs and sales

Step 3: We then identify which efforts most yield your desired outcomes and determine the optimum mix

Step 4: As mix changes, we continue to monitor to suggest the optimal mix and can suggest where to invest new dollars.

Increased ROAS

By identifying the most effective marketing channels, you can allocate your budget more efficiently and increase your return on ad spend.

Time Savings

The automated analysis can save marketing teams countless hours of manual work.


Our model continuously learned and adapts to changes in the market and your performance to ensure you are using your budget in the right places.

Client Success Story

Beta-Tested, Proven Results

IntentKey identified patterns of influence to determine budget mix.

Pre-optimized media mix for one of our clients:

Our recommendations for better mix: 

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