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Cookieless, Probabilistic Attribution

Media Mix Modeling

Understand campaign impact in a cookieless world with our AI-powered MMM solution.

How It Works:


Step 1

Predicts, based on historical spend & performance, the optimal media mix for any given budget, channel, or tactic - without cookies

Step 2

Build AI models to determine the strongest predictor, validate against test data

Step 3

Analyze 1M+ simulations to determine impact and optimized spend


Our model continuously learns and adapts to changes in the market and your performance to ensure budget is used in the right places.

Increased ROAS

By identifying the most effective marketing channels, you can allocate your budget more efficiently and increase your return on ad spend.

Time Savings

The automated analysis can save marketing teams countless hours of manual work.

Understand Campaign Impact with Media Mix Modeling

1. Information collected about channel spend data + client KPI OR creative message + client KPI

2. AI analyzes fluctuations in KPI against fluctuations of channel spend OR creative message

3. Media mix optimized OR best creative identified

Client Success Story

Beta-Tested, Proven Results

IntentKey identified patterns of influence to determine budget mix.

Pre-optimized media mix for one of our clients:

Our recommendations for better mix: 

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