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About IntentKey

We put the entire web to work 

to find your best audiences

Our AI, IntentKey, sits on top of our web crawler.

It finds patterns & connections to uncover insights & trends to buy media that reaches audiences more effectively.

IntentKey doesn’t rely on users, is built for the cookieless future, and will:

Reduce cookie reliance through rich, AI-generated insights

Utilize a large language model instead of relying on individual user profiles

Enhance audience discovery to increase conversions and reduce ad spend

Achieve privacy compliance without sacrificing performance

How IntentKey Works

1. Websites are crawled

Web crawler Initially trained on over 110B pages of content with 1M+ new URLs each day

3. AI develops real-time, concept-based models

Understands consumer interests & WHY content is consumed via 25+M AI-identified concepts 

2. AI analyzes data from web crawler

Finds patterns and trends to understand WHY URLs are visited

4. Ad shown when WHYs match 

AI understands ideal audience and shows ads* to new audiences with similar concepts​​

*Accesses Microsoft Xandr inventory​

IntentKey Client Value


Privacy Compliant

Stand out from competitors who heavily rely on cookies and personal data

Proprietary AI

Gain access to 100% of the open web to target & bid on ALL users, even on iOS

Patented Technology

AI expertise, with 19 patents, 8 pending, built by ad tech veterans who pioneered AI

Premium Targeting

Real-time refreshes every 5 minutes to reach in-market consumers at the right time

Partnership Pros

Dedicated team of professionals committed to the success of your campaigns

Proven Performance

Campaign-specific insights you can't get anywhere else… without cookies

Our AI Solves “Why?”

Set the Scene: You sell audio-based sleep aids. Among the many potential audiences, our AI finds &
targets pug owners because their notorious breathing difficulties tend to keep owners awake at night.

Everyone buying the same WHO-based audiences

…while IntentKey identifies custom CONCEPT-based audiences and solves WHY & WHEN interest is shown.

Our AI Activates Ad Placement

AI Across All Channels

Whether it’s branding,
awareness, prospecting,
conquesting, or retargeting – We blend the best of contextualbehavioral,
& sentiment at scale.

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By understanding intent and conversion data + 5-minute updates, we can target the most relevant users at the right moment.


We bring our unique, proprietary audience targeting capabilities.


Tell your story to the right audiences in a high ROI environment where granular ​targeting + high engagement = great returns.​


Drive high awareness & audience engagement with our OLV audience​ targeting capabilities.


Unleash the power of hyper-targeted native ads while avoiding bad traffic, even on iOS. ​
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