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Artificial Intelligence That Delivers Superior Advertising Results

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Inuvo’s patented AI, the IntentKey, does not rely on cookies, third-party data, or get upended by privacy features. This delivers a future-proof solution for retailers.

Inuvo’s IntentKey offers digital marketing solutions for ecommerce brands that provide consistent performance and new customer acquisition that enable retailers to exceed growth targets, all in a privacy-safe solution.


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How does the IntentKey™ outperform other platforms?


Performance Prospecting

Our technology delivers unmatched prospecting and performance that beats client brand awareness, sales prospecting, and performance goals on average by 48%.


Real-Time Modeling & Targeting

Our AI updates audiences in real-time, so we can identify prospects that are receptive to your brand messaging or as they become in-market for your product.


Unique Insights

Unique insight into the WHY driving your conversions that can used to build messaging and creative strategies.



A future-proof solution that puts consumer privacy first and is not dependent on third-party cookies and data.

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