Our experiences, successes and pioneering role in marketing technology provided an insiders perspective that allowed for the reinvention of advertising.

Inuvo leadership, board members, and large shareholders come from the most recognized and successful marketing & information technology, analytics, data, and artificial intelligence companies on the planet. They were founders and leaders at companies like Acxiom, the inventor of modern day direct-to-consumer advertising, and the company that invented the identity resolution company LiveRamp.

They were executives at Fair Isaac, the company that used information and predictive analytics to change the way credit is granted and Apple, one for the most successful companies every built. Collectively, their experiences canvas the entire ecosystem associated with both the historical and current technologies and methods that are used to place ads in front of consumers.

Their vision has been to reinvent the way marketing and advertising should be done in a privacy first world without compromising performance. This vision has been achieved through a first of its kind deployment of artificial intelligence.