COVID-19 Data Trends

Marketing Shifts: How Consumers Are Responding to COVID-19

Inuvo is a data-driven company, so we understand the power of trends in data. Our IntentKey AI has analyzed the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and it is no secret that consumer trends have shifted, from shoppers looking for essentials, distractions, or items that fit their new changing lifestyles both while at home and after the pandemic begins to subside. Understanding consumer behavior in this new environment will help guide marketers to proactively react.


The Impact of COVID-19 on America’s Content Consumption

Inuvo’s IntentKey AI has analyzed content consumption at the category level and compared March patterns to January to get an understanding of how COVID-19 is impacting the type of content American’s are consuming. These are simply a sampling of some of the trends we have seen.

219% Increase in Advertising and Marketing

Businesses across the country are looking for ways to stay connected and get new messaging out to their customer base.

46% Decrease in Pants

Americans are less interested in pants than ever before! Users consuming content around pants decreased by 46% and sleepwear had increased 305%.

50% Decrease in Diet & Nutrition

In contrast, snack and dessert recipes have increased 40%.

80% Increase in Gardening/Landscaping

Home improvement saw similar changes with one large spike on Saturday March 21st, where there was a 400% increase.

#1 Infectious Disease

The highest indexing category is infectious disease, which saw over a 3,000% increase.

#2 Immune Disorders

The second highest indexing category is Immune Disorders at over a 1,500% increase, showing an interest in populations that are at an increased risk of infection.

792% Increase in Insurance

The third highest indexing category is insurance, indicating that American’s are motivated now more than ever to make sure they are insured for any situation.

538% Increase in Taxes

The tax category was one of the highest indexing categories, showing consumers are interested in self-serve or online service providers to help with their taxes.

257% Increase in Residential Real Estate

American’s continue researching new homes, especially with the recent reduction in interest rates.

113% Increase in Alcoholic Beverages

Consumers seek out ways to relax and consume their favorite beverages at home.

484% Increase in Museums

While most museums across the country are shut down, many are bringing their exhibits into the living rooms of America through virtual experiences.

81% Increase in Fishing

Many states are waiving the requirement to have a fishing license to get people outdoors or on the water doing isolated activities.

263% Increase in Nonprofit & Service Organizations

American’s are feeling the need to support each other in this time of need.

118% Increase in Hair

With hair salons shut down across the country, many American’s are turning to at home solutions to touch up their roots and get a trim. Conversely there has been a 55% decrease in makeup.

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