COVID-19 Comparative Growth Charts

The Power of Data Visualization

Inuvo is a data-driven company, so we understand the power of visualizing trends in data. Our engineers have been following the COVID-19 pandemic and created charts to model the trends, much like we do for our clients’ campaigns, that bring the data to life and make it easier to view to the full scope of the impact. Our staff has found this information useful, so we are making it available on our site for others to follow along as well.

We are charting COVID-19 trends utilizing data from the CovidTracking Project. Using the dropdown menu below, you can select COVID-19 chart options by US state, region, and other interesting data sets. Not all states have hospitalization rates. If you are able to, contact your state department of health to ask them to publish the data, as the rate of hospitalization is a key driver of individual outcomes.

Comparative Growth Charts for COVID-19 COVID-19 Test and Case Trends

Click Here for Summary Test and Case Charts by state, region, and political alignment
Click Here for COVID-19 Test, Case and Death Growth Change Rate Chart

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*data source The COVID Tracking Project. If you see irregularities in data it could be due to changes in source data. We’ll do our best to stay on top of changes.


The Impact of COVID-19 on America’s Content Consumption

Inuvo’s IntentKey AI has analyzed content consumption at the category level and compared March patterns to January to get an understanding of how COVID-19 is impacting the type of content American’s are consuming. These are simply a sampling of some of the trends we have seen.

219% Increase in Advertising and Marketing

Businesses across the country are looking for ways to stay connected and get new messaging out to their customer base.

46% Decrease in Pants

Americans are less interested in pants than ever before! Users consuming content around pants decreased by 46% and sleepwear had increased 305%.

50% Decrease in Diet & Nutrition

In contrast, snack and dessert recipes have increased 40%.

80% Increase in Gardening/Landscaping

Home improvement saw similar changes with one large spike on Saturday March 21st, where there was a 400% increase.

792% Increase in Insurance

The third highest indexing category is insurance, indicating that American’s are motivated now more than ever to make sure they are insured for any situation.

538% Increase in Taxes

The tax category was one of the highest indexing categories, showing consumers are interested in self-serve or online service providers to help with their taxes.

Learn more about these trends and how the IntentKey can help your marketing efforts by filling out the form below.

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